The Campaign for Female Education and Empowerment (further CFEE) is an independent, not for profit, development South Sudanese non-governmental organization. The CFEE advocates for the ideas and values of democracy, internationally recognized and applied human rights, rule of law, gender equality, end of violence against women & girls, importance of education for girls that will enable them self-safeguard from any abuse, violence, reach full potential, empower women to step up as change makers, contribute to women’s & girls’ families, communities, nation, & the world for a sustainable development.

CFEE provides innovative – integrated assistance to the least represented individuals, with a special focus on women & adolescent girls in South Sudan to enhance resilience, empowerment and wellbeing of women and girls among local communities, internally displaced (IDPs), their host communities.

The goal of CFEE’s activities /programs lies in Women's Leadership and Participation; Women’s Economic Empowerment; Prevention of Violence against Women and Girls, Promotion of Girl’s Education, & Women's engagement in sustainable Peace, Democracy & Development. The CFEE works together with formal national, international stakeholders, partners & rural communities to promote gender equality & girl’s education, prevent domestic, sexual & gender based violence, reduce the spread, impact of HIV/AIDS to impact positively on men, women, youth & children

Core Values

1. Non –discrimination
2. Humanitarian principles
3. Integrity
4. Innovation
5. Inclusiveness
6. Internationally recognized and applied universal human rights
7 Effectiveness.


Our Head Office is in Juba, South Sudan. |

+211 (921) 666-733

Address:Kololo, The area of Catholic University, Juba, South Sudan.