The CFEE’s Thematic Areas Activities

1. Access to Justice

1) Support for gratis to SGBV survivors, adolescent girls, and women/girls at risk of SGBV by legal consultations of written and verbal character including legal advice and assistance, legal representation;
2) Establish paralegal grass root community desks and roving paralegal clinics for rural communities – both women and men.

2. Prevention of & response to domestic, sexual & gender based violence

1) GBV awareness & prevention messages.
2) Engagement of grass root communities’ men and boys in prevention of SGBV as agents of change / success champions.
3) Case referrals to national, international in-country cross-sectoral service providers.
4) Trainings & capacity building of professionals in law enforcement, judicial sectors, grass root communities, Ministry of Gender, local formal government executive & administrative sector, national and at state level mass media (radio staff, etc.)
5) Mainstream gender and protection to increase women’s and girls’ participation in, engagement in decision-making, and co-leadership in programs.

3. Women Empowerment

1) Build capacity of rural women in legal awareness of their rights, and participation in local decision-making affecting women.
2) Non – formal education for women and adolescent girls (trainings).
3) Skills’ building in gender integration for schools’ staff and Education Ministry staff.

4. Advocacy

1) Communications with and coordination with national law / policy makers and other international and national stakeholders in the sector of gender, women and adolescent girls’ issues / activities.
2) Sensitization of community leaders, local formal court of law and community based customary courts.

5. Legal literacy

1) Grass root community outreach campaigns.
2) Primary & secondary schools-based trainings.
3) Communication for prevention of SGBV, women’s empowerment, women’s legal and human rights, and promotion of Girl’s education through radio stations.

6. Promotion of Girl’s Education

1) Community outreach activities, including grass root community trainings, schools, community networks, radio programs, workshops for local formal and community stakeholders, and partners.
2) Communications for social change.

7. Economic empowerment of women & girls

1) Livelihood initiatives to mitigate economic activities risky to women’s physical integrity.

8. Promotion of sexual and reproductive health and rights

1) Awareness raising campaigns & knowledge development skills building within grass root communities, primary and secondary schools to prevent cases of SGBV, HIV /AIDS & improve maternal health.
2) Personal Hygiene and Environment Hygiene awareness raising in schools, and communities.

Core Values

1. Non –discrimination
2. Humanitarian principles
3. Integrity
4. Innovation
5. Inclusiveness
6. Internationally recognized and applied universal human rights
7 Effectiveness.


Our Head Office is in Juba, South Sudan.

+211 (921) 666-733

Address: Thongpiny Residential Area, Juba