The CFEE’s Thematic Areas Activities

The CFEE focuses on integrated, multi sectoral program portfolio on ground within grass root communities in the sectors of
1) Communication for development;
2) Women empowerment and protection;
3) Public education on WASH good management of resources;
4) Environmental Protection Education to mitigate education pollution and education degradation;
5) Public education on sexual and reproductive health and rights;
6) School based GBV prevention awareness raising campaigns for school pupils and school staff, case referrals.
7) Public education on peacebuilding and Social Cohesion;
8) Environmental Health supporting water, sanitation and hygiene for all: promoting safe hygiene practices for behavior change.
9) Risk communication on communicable diseases and hygiene promotion
10) Community based health counseling and trauma therapy (unspecialized for individuals and group sessions)
11) Civic education on GBV prevention, gender equality and human rights
12) Civic education on peacebuilding and transitional justice
13) Public education for adolescents, youth on life skills
14) Advocacy on Girls’ education and the basics on child protection.
15 Informal vocational education for adults, youth and adolescents.

Core Values

1. Non –discrimination
2. Humanitarian principles
3. Integrity
4. Innovation
5. Inclusiveness
6. Internationally recognized and applied universal human rights
7 Effectiveness.


Our Head Office is in Juba, South Sudan. |

+211 (921) 666-733

Address:Kololo, The area of Catholic University, Juba, South Sudan.